ARQUIMEA Research Center, Kaudal and the Universidad Europea de Canarias promote the development of R+D projects
The Universidad Europea de Canarias will promote the development of R&D&i projects (research, development and innovation) among students thanks to the agreement ratified with the companies Kaudal and ARQUIMEA Research Center, both based in Tenerife, which aim to identify innovative projects, generate patronage actions and support and promote such projects. This agreement, signed by the Dean of the Universidad Europea de Canarias, Cristiana Oliveira; the General Manager of Kaudal, Manuel García-Sañudo and the General Manager of ARQUIMEA Research Center, Rubén Criado, aims to establish channels for jointly carrying out training, advice and research activities. For this purpose, the three entities will carry out joint activities such…
ARQUIMEA Group boosts an alliance of biotech companies and molecular and genetic diagnosis labs from all over Spain to launch a COVID-19 detection service based on the qPCR technique
In light of the health emergency, at ARQUIMEA Group we have focused all our capacities and resources on providing solutions to the urgent needs that society currently faces in order to fight the COVID-19 crisis. As part of the fight, las March 12, amidst the coronavirus crisis and seeing the dimensión of the challenge that Spanish society was facing, our technology Group –among whose brands there is ARQUIMEA Medical, engaged to the healthcare sector– launched an alliance to unite companies, prefessionals and researchers with experience in PCR diagnosis (RNA extraction and qPCR). The objective was to pool their knowledge and…
The Island Council of Tenerife kickstarts Nanotec park with the settling of ARQUIMEA Group
Enrique Arriaga, Island Council of Tenerife’s first Vicepresident and Innovation Counsellor, and Diego Fernández, Presient of ARQUIMEA Group, signed earlier today the collaboration agreement through which the company will settle in Nanotec, inside the Scientific and Technology Park INtech Tenerife, under the name of ARQUIMEA Research Center. Nanotec will host a private research and development center that will be strategic for the technology group, and taht has over 15 years of experience in the development of multidisciplinary technologies. The center will open numerous research lines, the most important of which are electronics and microelectronics; photonics; robotics and mechanisms; or circular…
ARQUIMEA REACTs successfully complete a synchronized release in the first flight test of ALTAIR project
The first week of September, the French organisation ONERA performed the successful flight test of the so-called ALTAIR project. ARQUIMEA is the supplier of the Hold-Down and Release Mechanism (HDRM), consisting of two REACT devices controlled by an electronic system for synchronized activation. The REACTs are space-qualified actuators that use shape memory alloys (SMA) as trigger mechanism. Their main advantages are the high force-to-weight ratio, high reliability, low volume, immunity against electromagnetic interference and functional capacity over an extended temperature range, thanks to the use of SMARQ, the exclusive SMA material from ARQUIMEA. Within this technology, ARQUIMEA offers cutting-edge off-the-shelf and custom actuators and mechanisms for space…