ARQUIMEA Group boosts an alliance of biotech companies and molecular and genetic diagnosis labs from all over Spain to launch a COVID-19 detection service based on the qPCR technique

Alianza COVID-19’s objective is to gather and coordinate all the resources available in the Spanish private sector in order to make realiable COVID-19 diagnosis and contributing to the huge test demand that exists in the country
“We will only come out of this battle as winners if each of us gives the best of himself”, Diego Fernández, President of ARQUIMEA Group

In light of the health emergency, at ARQUIMEA Group we have focused all our capacities and resources on providing solutions to the urgent needs that society currently faces in order to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

As part of the fight, las March 12, amidst the coronavirus crisis and seeing the dimensión of the challenge that Spanish society was facing, our technology Group –among whose brands there is ARQUIMEA Medical, engaged to the healthcare sector– launched an alliance to unite companies, prefessionals and researchers with experience in PCR diagnosis (RNA extraction and qPCR). The objective was to pool their knowledge and capacities and offer a massive COVID-19 PCR testing service. From that momento on, over 90 professionals specialized in diagnosis through high specifitcity and sensitivity  testing and technology experts have worked restlessly to offer this PCR testing service –whose reliability is 99.9%– to society.

The compelte list of constituents can be consulted in the webpage

The service -which is of exclusive use for groups and companies- will give priority to nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare centers and law enforcement bodies. In summary, to the groups that are most vulnerable and exposed to the virus. The platform does not consider performing tests to individuals.

From ARQUIMEA Group we have made available to the authorities our whole PCR COVID-19 testing capacities, as well as our know-how regarding providers and international supply sources that could surely use other national labs that perform these tests.

The PCR test we work with is from Thermofisher, world leader in realiability and supply capacity of COVID-19 PCR tests. Due to the challenge of finding supplies in the international market, we have made it posible that some of the consumables -swabs, tubes, culture médium- are manufactured in the national industry, guaranteeing supply for the next months while also contributing to supporting the Spanish economy.

At ARQUIMEA Group we have reconfigured our activity to be able to contribute with €5M of Internal resources for the payment of first-level certified suppliers of -amongst other materials- the rbots (Finland) and reactives (USA-Germany) that we are using. We can currently guarantee all the supplies of fungibles needed for the tests, as well as the equipment and qualified personnel for their implementation. With this material, we can make 10,000 tests per day for at least the next 2 months.

The cost of the diagnosis services is €110 per test, and the mínimum order will be of 46 tests. This, in a momento in which time runs against us, allows to optimize the analysis process and be able to make the most tests possible.

RT-PCR tests are based on the direct detection of the viral material through extreme sensitivity. Taht is why, unlike fast tests based on antibodies or antigens, PCR tests allow detecting the illness in the asymptomatic stages with a 99.9% reliability.

For making the diagnosis and obtaining the final result, there are two fundamental steps: RNA extraction and its analysis thorugh qPCR. The COVID-19’s RNA extraction pase will be made automatically by using robots with the objective of increasing the processing speed of the simples. This way, laboratories’ analysis capacities and results delivery speed are optimized.

As put by Diego Fernández Infante, PD in Robotics and President and Founder of ARQUIMEA Group, “we believe in research and scientific and technological advances as the engine for development, welfare and strength of our society. This fact, that has always been the motivation of our Group, is now more tan ever an absolute priority for getting out of this world crisis. That is why we have directed all our technical, human and material capacities towards that aim. This alliance comes out of the objective of putting together the strength of each and every one of its constituents, who provide and share their recources and capacities to fight COVID-19 with the firm conviction that we can only emerge as winners of this battle if each of us gives the best of himself”.

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